cropped-somos-lo-que-comemosif what you’re doing isn’t working.  if you’re still tired, can’t lose weight, or have other  unresolved symptoms, you have to consider the possibility, however unlikely, that what you think is healthy, isn’t.

whether you goals are just to feel better, have more energy, improve athletic performance, or actually work with specific symptoms or system dysfunction, the general guidelines and information offered through this site will help to put you on a path back towards optimal health.  however, some of us need more than just general information.  some of us want rapid, life-changing information.  and some of us want to understand.  my individual services are designed for rapid and permanent life change.

about Nutritional Therapy

cropped-somos-lo-que-comemos2I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and I use Nutritional Therapy as part of my method in working with people, but what does that mean?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to nutrition that aims to use food to heal the body.   INNATE (innate intelligence) is pretty darn capable of keeping the our bodies healthy, making sure our bodies perform optimally, and even dealing with periodic accute health stressors.  but in order to do this, INNATE has to be given the raw materials to do his job (nutrients) and he doesn’t need to be doing constant housecleaning (detoxifying).  when we become nutritionally deficient and toxic, we become diseasesed.

so all disease and dysfunction can be linked to nutritional deficiencies and toxicity.  nutritional deficiencies can come from eating nutrient-deplete foods, toxic foods that deplete nutrients through our detox pathways, inherited deficiencies, and a combination of all these things.


who can I help?

I work with a lot of different people.  if you’ve struggled with food in any way, if you have persistent symptoms that you can’t figure out or shake, or if you just want to look, feel, and perform optimally, I can help.  but also, here is a list of some common symptoms and related conditions that I tend to work with on a regular basis:

digestive issues such as

  • indigestion, gas, and bloating
  • hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid)
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • collitis and other inflammatory bowel issues
  • dysbiosis
  • allergies and food intolerances

symptoms of metabolic syndrome to include

  • obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • insulin resistance
  • blood sugar dysregulation

autoimmune and related conditions including

  • asthma
  • celiac disease
  • chronic fatigue
  • Crohn’s disease
  • eczema
  • Grave’s & Hashimoto’s
  • lupus
  • multiple sclerosis
  • psoriasis
  • rhumatoid arthritis

athletes and the physically active

  • improved performance
  • weight loss or weight gain

how does this work? first – we assess

lowenburgs-testI listen.  it’s what I love to do.  you obviously have your reasons for coming to me, and these reasons are extremely important.  but we also have to do some investigating to see what areas of your body are crying out or need the most attention.  my comprehensive assessment tools help us to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and system dysfunction so that we can reach your goals faster:

  • comprehensive Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire.  this questionnaire will tell us exactly what your symptoms are trying to say!  we’ll learn to make a connection between the symptoms you’re experiencing and the underlying system dysfunction.
  • Functional Evaluation.  one of the most powerful and unique components of my practice – a hands-on exam that let’s your body communicate with us about what it is experiencing and what it needs.  for local clients only.
  • biometrics to measure progress. to include things like height, weight, bodyfat percentage, blood pressure, and optional markers such as fasting blood glucose.

second – we implement the Powered by REAL FOOD program

PBRF-guide-coverI usually recommend a 2-4 week introduction period where we learn the basics of food and implement to the best of our abilities.  within this short time period many people experience tremendous progress.  but how we respond to REAL FOOD will also give us some insight as to how we might need to tweak your program.

  • key food concepts and the Powered by REAL FOOD guide.  these key concepts will give you everything you need to know to assess food and make smart food choices.  we’ll spend time reviewing these key concepts and our food guide together.
  • embrace REAL FOOD for 2-4 weeks.  this is typically sufficient time to see significant progrress, or see how the body reacts to quality food.
  • begin your re-education.  we will also begin the educational component of the program which will deepen your understanding of food and help build lasting change.

third – we tweak for bio-individuality

using everything we learned from our assessment, and combining this with how you respond to the Powered by REAL FOOD protocol, we will then be able to make adjustments and tweak the program for your own bio-individuality.

finally, we track progress

SBA-graphprogress will happen on many different planes.  everyone’s symptom resolution happens at different time intervals and varying frequencies.  but the great thing is – WE’LL BE THERE TO NOTICE THEM!

  • objective changes.  we have all the assessment tools at our disposal to track progress.  we will periodicaly check symptoms, use the Functional Evaluation, and measure certain biometrics.
  • subjective changes.  the most powerful changes will be the ones you notice yourself.  changes in energy levels, vibrancy, and clarity of mind.  you’ll notice changes in how you look, feel, and perform, which  will be more powerful than anything else we can measure.
  • what to expect – the Powered by REAL FOOD journey.  click on the image below to get an idea of what to expect.  IT’S EXCITING!

the commencement starts here.

join me.  let me help you.  join our team, join our movement.  shoot me a message and let’s get started.  let me teach you how it feels to be Powered by REAL FOOD.  I guarantee I can change your life, for the rest of your life, and indirectly, we can change the lives of those around you.